INVICIBLE HEARING AIDS Forget you are wearing them Designed to be so unobtrusive you can 'forget' you are wearing them all day CONTACT US HEARING AID PRODUCTS We have wide range of programmable, invisible, comfortable, technological hearing aids from the leading manufacturers around the world that suits all type of losses and budgets.


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Your hearing is worth preserving, protecting, or restoring. It’s one of your five primary senses through which you experience life, and is your most important “social sense.” It can be important to your personal safety, as it often serves as an early warning system. Most of all, good hearing improves your quality of life.

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Scheduling a consultation with one of our Global Hearing Aid Centre professionals is a big step toward diagnosing and treating hearing loss. Whether you are inquiring for you or a loved one, please contact us and take that first step toward better hearing:

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first slide Overview for Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing aids are reliable and offer greater fitting flexibility. They fit comfortably behind the ear while amplified sound passes down a tube to a customized earmould which fits in your ear. Because they are larger, can accommodate bigger batteries for longer life and larger amplifiers for maximum amplification. Advantages: Behind-the-ear instruments are often the most durable hearing devices — some are even completely water resistant. Compared to smaller, in-the-ear instruments, they hold more circuitry and can provide greater amplification. second slider Overview for Receiver In Canal (RIC) The receiver-in-canal device is small, discreet and incredibly quick to fit; which makes it perfect for many first-time wearers. The receiver-in-canal is designed to separate the microphone and receiver to lessen feedback. Appropriate for most types of hearing loss and ages. third slider Overview for In The Ear (ITE)
Smaller, in-the-ear instruments house their technology components in a custom-formed ear mold that fits within the outer portion of the ear. The easy-to-use controls are ideal for those with limited manual dexterity. Appropriate for most types of hearing loss and ages.
four slider Overview for In The Canal (ITC) In-the-canal (ITC) instruments feature an earmold that fits down into the ear canal and a smaller portion that faces out into the outer ear. They are discreet, yet partially visible within the outer ear. Appropriate for most types of hearing loss and ages. fith slider Overview for Completely In Canal (CIC) Completely-In-Canal (CIC) micro-technology allows this type of hearing aid to be worn deep inside the ear canal. CIC devices offer an aesthetic appeal and are so tiny that they are almost invisible when worn. Appropriate for most types of hearing loss and ages. Advantages: Nearly invisible when worn. These fit completely in the canal, with only the head of a tiny plastic line — with which you insert or remove the instrument—shows above the canal. CIC devices offer aesthetic appeal, but the structure of some individuals’ ears (e.g. those with a very narrow canal) may make this style unsuitable for them. sixth slider Overview for Invisible In Canal (IIC) Miniscopic is absolutely 100% invisible. It is a deep insertion hearing aid that is customized to fit your ear’s canal. Miniscopic’s state-of-the-art digital technology is 100% programmable and is available for a variety of hearing loss. Advantages: 100% custom, invisible, digital and programmable. Featuring Vivid Speech, the smartest noise reduction and speech preservation system designed to filter out unwanted background noise. Revolutionary Comfort Fit technology ensures in-ear comfort. Virtually feedback free - no more whistling. Excellent sound quality on the phone. Custom designed for your ear. Designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health.

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The best hearing aid center in Coimbatore. Proper guidance given by the staff members and very friendly. There hospitality and service are very good. There surrounding are very clean. Good place to go for consulting and for buying best hearing AID

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The best hearing aid centre in coyambatore. And the guidance by working staff & therapist is a very friendly type and good caring anyways GLOBAL hearing aid centre is good and best service

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Very good customer service. Good guidence. 100 percent satisfaction in service. U can go to global for all ur hearing needs.

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_B_ randly _E_ conomically _S_ ervice orientedly _T_ echnologically in Globally. That is Global Hearing Aid Centre. Best wishes to continue the same...

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Very nice place to buy hearing aid . Good professional service

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Excellent service and friendly staff. we get satisfactory service for every visit

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